Melissa’s Birthday Video (ssh!)

Hey, friend of Melissa!

I have a request for you! As a memento of her birthday party, I want to put together a video collection of well-wishes, kind thoughts, funny stories or the like from her friends, and that’s where you all come in.

If you could take a few minutes sometime in the next couple of weeks to record yourself saying anything you’d like with your phone camera and send it to me, I’ll assemble them into a single video that she can watch after her party. Couple of notes:

1. Just record into your phone and send it to me either via text– 404-667-9761 — or email at If you would rather upload a file, you can add it to a shared OneDrive folder here:!AmQBczRqvgNKq8pEvV5e8095ANyqQw?e=Wq3DOW

2. Portrait or landscape doesn’t matter, as I’m sure we’ll have a mix of both either way. I’ll make whatever you send work. These don’t need to be polished, and I won’t be posting it publicly so say whatever you want, however you want.

3. Don’t worry about trimming or editing or anything, just raw footage is fine. I’ll take off any extraneous stuff at the end or beginning if needed. My goal is to make this as easy for everyone as possible.

4. It would be great to have these by July 4 so I have time to edit them, especially since I’ll be doing so on the down-low. If you find yourself running behind, just give me a heads-up so I know it’s coming.

If you have questions or technical challenges, please let me know, and thanks!