The Verge wants us to blog

I was skeptical at first about The Verge’s redesign, which sacrifices information density for information variety, but the bizarre shenanigans at Twitter this year have convinced me that Nilay Patel and company knew what they were doing. The new design has lots of opportunities for different types of posts, some of which are tweet-length and some of which are in-depth articles. A new post from Monique Judge that went up today is calling for all of us to come back to old-school blogging.

I gave up my Twitter account in 2022, so I’m going to heed their advice and come back to this 20-year-old blog that I have routinely abandoned over the years. I really, really want to keep posting as frequently as possible in the new year, because I do like to have a space to dump my dumb thoughts.

First Draft is in the book(s)!

I’ve been deficient in keeping the blog up to date through 2018, but, happily, I’ve been able to complete was is almost certainly my most critical goal for the year: I finished a first draft of my novel! It needs a lot of work, but I’m going to have a second draft completed by Thanksgiving, if not sooner.

I’d really like to have it polished up by the end of 2018 and… then I don’t know exactly. Send out some query letters, maybe self-publish? I’m not quite there yet but it’s been many, many hours of work. It’s a struggle right now because all I can see are the flaws, but I’m hoping there’s some fruit inside the rind.