Beta Readers for “Runner’s High”

Okay, enough putting it off. My novel manuscript, “Runner’s High,” is in at least a state that I think it’s worth sharing for some public feedback. If I sent you this link (or if you happened upon it), it’s because I trust you enough to ask for honest, candid feedback. If you’re willing to give it a read, either in full or in part, I’d appreciate your anonymous thoughts at this feedback form. Feel free to identify yourself if you want, but no pressure to; I’m just happy to know what people think. Or email me at clontz – at – Or twitter at @clontz. Whatever you want, however you want; I just appreciate that you care enough to even be here.

Storywise, I was going for a Stuart Woods-y adventure story about a middle-aged technology executive who decides to spice up his humdrum life by running a 50-mile trail race with an old buddy. Problems ensue. It’s not great literature, but hopefully it’s fun. I’m anxious to hear what you think, good or bad. Thank you for your time and your feedback.

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