Comprehensive Goals List

23593660_10101875299845897_74091043714745818_oI’ve broken my 2018 goals into six areas — running, writing, working, personal, development and extracurricular — where I believe that I can make focused, tactical improvements over the coming months. My focus, as much as possible, is on specific areas where I find myself wanting to grow and modify my behaviors, either by doing more or doing less. A broad overview of the goals I’ll be tracking is below, but I’ll be writing more specifically about them in the days to come. I’m not sure I can pull off all of this, but why not aim high?


  • Train steadily throughout the year
  • Stay injury-free
  • Run the Snickers Albany Marathon on March 3 (hard)
  • Run the Georgia Publix Marathon on March 18 (easy)
  • Train for and run a fall marathon TBD
  • Run 1,600 miles throughout the year
  • Qualify for Boston with a 3:22 in Albany


  • Write something every day, minimum of 250 words
  • Complete first draft of novel
  • Find accountability opportunities (writing group?)


  • Dress better
  • Take meeting management course
  • Run better meetings
  • “Eat the Frog” — do the hard things first
  • Become a better planner
  • Be a better mentor
  • Be more engaged and proactive
  • Review budget every two weeks
  • Work on memory
  • Listen harder
  • No social media at work


  • Do 20,000 pushups over the year (about 50/day average)
  • Get to 60 pushup set
  • Get to 10 pullup set
  • Read 25 books
  • Biweekly nice thing for Melissa
  • Make a practice of meditation
  • Focus on keeping my cool
  • Let my kids be themselves, not smaller me’s
  • Don’t argue politics on Facebook
  • Again, listen harder
  • Be a more actively engaged friend

Personal Development

  • Take a course in Unity
  • Take a calculus course
  • Take another Python course
  • Take another AWS course
  • Build a new Alexa skill
  • Relaunch personal site (yay!)
  • 10 tweets per week
  • Learn to play two songs competently on guitar
  • Build a serverless Web app
  • Relaunch podcast


  • Publish a piece of writing somewhere
  • Invoice monthly for freelance work
  • Regular status reports for freelance work



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